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We hope this site gives you a feel for what to expect at St. Martin’s Anglican Church.

We as a church are on about GOD’S GRACE. Because we’re on about GOD’S GRACE, that will mean we are on about JESUS. JESUS is the form of God’s grace. He came into our world to live and die and come back to life for us. And in response we want to trust Jesus, follow him and become more like him. And because we’re on about Jesus, that means we are on about THE BIBLE. A good deal of our time in church or in other groups we run has us opening the BIBLE. In it we learn what God is like, we learn what we are like and we learn what God has done for us through his Son Jesus. So we’d love to see you at church one Sunday. Our service time is 9:30am. Sunday church is pretty simple, a few songs, someone up the front will pray, the Bible will be read and someone will speak about it. During school terms there’s a kids program during the service and there’s always a good cup of coffee and morning tea to finish with. For more information about our church, feel free to browse the website to see information about the various ministry’s we run. Alternatively you can contact us or the Minister, Gary using the details at the bottom of the page.